Monday, November 30, 2015

Western Forces Relax Over ISIS

This week, the western force do nothing for counter terrorism war at Syria and Iraq base due their are not clear in mind of what to do? France, UK ,US.. are just much talking more than action. Today, the Syria TV voices out its president, Basah Al Assad, that France supporting terrorism and war, not peace.

Frankly speaking, terrorism- war is hard to explain to general public: Al Qaeda is terrorism group supporting to "moderate-opposition-rebel groups of Syian" while the ISIS is terrorism for sure, and the  Hezbollah group (terrorism) also supporting to Syrian government.

 Below list will explain how counter terrorist face trouble because they challenge with definition of " moderate back by Al Qaeda" and "terrorist fueling by ISIS " and " separatist". Camouflage is too a tools using by ISIS to confuse people that why Turkey attack the ISIS but other state said Turkey support ISIS!
The Syrian local media report of as to 1000 fighting groups in Syria but we only list the 170 popular umbrella teams.
The red letter is the affiliate of terrorist group, ISIS state. 
The blue is Kurd State alliance group in Syria
The black color is moderate groups in Syria

1. 101st Division Infantry (Forqat 101 Masha’ – الفرقة 101 مشاة)
2. 11th Special Forces Division (Forqat 11 Quwwat al-Khassa – الفرقة 11 قوات خاصة):
3. 13th Division (Forqat 13 – الفرقة 13):
4. 16th Division
5. 18th March Division (Forqat 18 Adhar – فرقة 18 آذار):
6. 1st Artillery Regiment (Al-Fauj al-Awwal Madfa’a – الفوج الاول مدفعية):
7. 1st Coastal Division
8. 1st Coastal Division (Forqat al-Awwal As-Sahli – الفرقة الأولى الساحلية):
9. 1st Coastal Division (Forqat Awwal al-Sahli)
10. 1st Corps (Faylaq al-Awwal – الفيلق الأول):
11. 1st Infantry Brigade
12. 1st Regiment (Al-Fauj al-Awwal)
13. 46th Division (Forqat 46 – الفرقة 46):
14. 5th Corps (Faylaq al-Khams – الفليق الخامس):
15. 69th Special Forces Division (Forqat 69 Quwwat al-Khassa – الفرقة 69 قوات خاصة):
16. AD Front
17. Ahmad al-Abdo Martyrs’ Force (Quwwat al-Shaheed Ahmad al-Abdo – قوات الشهيد أحمد العبدو):
18. Ahrar ash-Sham
19. Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union
20. Ajnad al-Sham Islamic Union
21. Al-Fawj al-Awal
22. Al-Furqan Brigades (Alwiyat al-Furqan -ألوية الفرقان):
23. Allied militias
24. Al-Nusra Front
25.  Al-Nusra Front
26. Al-Rahman Legion (Faylaq al-Rahman – فيلق الرحمن):
27.  Al-Sanadid Forces
28. Al-Tawhid Brigade
29. Ansar al-Sham
30. Ansar al-Sharia
31. Ansar Brigades (Alwiyat al-Ansar – ألوية الأنصار):
32. Army of Conquest
33. Army of Holy Warriors (Jaish al-Mujahideen):
34. Army of Mujahedeen
35. Army of the Lions of the East (Jaish Usood al-Sharqiyah – جيش أسود الشرقية)
36. Asayish
37. Battle of Victory
38. BF
39. Central Division (Al-Forqat al-Wasti)
41. Criterion Brigades
42. Dawn of Islam Division (Forqat Fajr al-Islam – فرقة فجر الإسلام):
43. DBK
44.  Devrimci Karargâh
45. Emigrants and Supporters Brigade (Liwa’ Muhajireen wal Ansar – لواء المهاجرين والانصار):
46. Euphrates Volcano
47. Falcons of the Mountain Brigade (Liwa’ Suqour al-Jabal – لواء صقور الجبل):
48.  Fatah al-Islam
49. Fatah Halab
50. Free Syrian Army
51.  Free Women's Units
52. FSA
53. Gathering of Dignity (Tajammu al-Izza’)
54.  Ghuraba al-Sham
55. Grouping of the Falcons of al-Ghab (Tajammu Suqour al-Ghab – تجمع صقور الغاب):
56.  Hamas
57. Hamza Division (Forqat al-Hamza – فرقة الحمزة):
58. Harakat Fajr ash-Sham al-Islamiya
59. Harakat Sham al-Islam
60. Homs Liberation Movement
61. Horan Column Division (Forqat Amoud Horan – فرقة عمود حوران ):
62. Houla Operations Room
63. Imam Bukhari Jamaat
64.  International Freedom Battalion
65. Iraqi Kurdistan Iraqi Kurdistan
66. Islamic Front
67. Islamic Front
68. Islamic Muthanna Movement
69. Islamic State (Dawlat al-Islamiyyah – الدولة الإسلامية‎): 
70. Itisam bi Allah
71. Jabhat Ansar al-Din
72.  Jabhat Ansar al-Din
73. Jabhat Ansar al-Islam
74. Jaish al-Haramoun
75. Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar
76. Jaish al-Salam
77. Jaish al-Sham
78. Jaysh al-Islam/al-Rahman Legion
79. Jaysh al-Janoob
80. Jaysh al-Jihad
81. Jaysh al-Nasr
82. Jaysh al-Tawheed
83. Jaysh Omar
84. Joint operations rooms:
85. Jund al-Aqsa
86. Jund al-Malahm
87. Khabour Guards
88.  Khorasan Group
89. Knights of Justice Brigade
90. Knights of Justice Brigade (Liwa’ Fursan al-Haqq – لواء فرسان الحق)
91. Kurdish Supreme Committee
92.  Kurdistan Workers' Party
93. Labbayki Ya Oktah
94. Levant Front
95. Levant Front
96. Lions of Sunnah Division (Forqat Usood al-Sunnah – فرقة أسود السنة):
97. Liwa al-Haqq
98. Liwaa al-Umma
99. Martyrs of Islam Brigade (Liwa’ Shuhada al-Islam – لواء شهداء الإسلام):
100. MFS
101. Military Council in Quneitra and the Golan (Al-Majlis al-Askari fi Quneitra w’al Jolan – المجلس العسكري في القنيطرة والجولان)
102. Military of ISIL
103. MLKP
104.  MLKP
105.  MLSPB-DC
106. Moataz Billah Brigade (Liwa’ al-Moataz Billah – لواء المعتز بالله):
107. Movement of Steadfastness/Hazm Movement (Harakat Hazm – حركة حزم):
108. Movement of Steadffastness (Harakat Hazm)
109. Muhajirin wa-Ansar
110. Muhajirin wa-Ansar Alliance
111. Mujahideen Army/Army of Holy Warriors (Jaish al-Mujahideen)
112.  Muslim Brotherhood of Syria
113. Northern Homs Countryside Operations Room
114. Northern Storm Brigade
115. Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement (Harakat Nour al-Din al-Zenki – حركة نور الدين الزنكي):
116. Omari Brigades (Tajammu Alwiyat al-Omari)
117. Partisans of Islam Front (Jabhat Ansar al-Islam -جبهة انصار الاسلام ):
118. PDKÖ
119.  People's Defence Forces
120.  People's Protection Units (YPG)
121. Peshmerga
122. PKK
123.  Reconstrucción Comunista
124. Revolutionaries of Al-Sham Brigades (Kata’eb Thuwar al-Sham – كتائب ثوار الشام):
125. Rojava
126. RUIS
127.  Salafists
128. Salah al-Din Division (Forqat Salah al-Din – فرقة صلاح الدين):
129. Saraya Ahl al-Sham
130. Self-Defence Forces (HXP)
131. Sham Legion
132. Social Rebellion
133. Southern Front
134. Southern Tawhid Brigade (Liwa’ Tawhid al-Junoub – لواء توحيد الجنوب):
135. SRCC
136. Sultan Murad Brigade (Liwa’ Sultan Muad – Sultan Murat Tugayı/لواء السلطان مرد):
137. Support Front for the People of the Levant (Jabhat al-Nusra li Ahl al-Sham – جبهة النصرة لأهل الشام):
138. Supporters of Sunnah Brigade (Liwa’ Ansar al-Sunnah – لواء انصار السنة):
139. Sutoro
140. Sutoro
141. Sword of al-Sham Brigades (Alwiyat Saif al-Sham – ألوية سيف الشام):
142. Syria Revolutionaries Front – Northern Components (Jabhat Thuwar Souriya – جبهة ثوار سوريا):
143. Syria Revolutionaries Front – Southern Sector (Jabhat Thuwar Souriya – جبهة ثوار سوريا):
144. Syria Revolutionaries Front (Jabhat Thuwar Souriya)
145. Syriac Military Council (MFS)
146. Syriac Union Party
147. Syrian Arab Coalition
148.  Syrian Democratic Forces
149. Syrian Martyr’s Brigades and Battalions
150. Syrian opposition
151. Syrian Turkmen Brigades
152.  Syrian Turkmen Brigades
153. TDP
154.  Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan
155. Tejemoua’ Thowar Al Shamal
156. the 18th March Division (Forqat 18 Adhar)
157. The 1st Army (Al-Jaish al-Awwal – الجيش الأول):
158. The 1st Regiment (Al-Fauj al-Awwal – الفوج الأول):
159. The Central Division (Al-Forqat al-Wasti – الفرقة الوسطى):
160. The Dawn of Unity Division (Forqat Fajr al-Tawhid – فرقة فجر التوحيد)
161. The First Corps (Faylaq al-Awwal)
162. The Gathering of Dignity (Tajammu al-Izza’ – تجمع العزة):
163. The Omari Brigades (Tajammu Alwiyat al-Omari – تجمع الوية العمري):
164. Thuwar al-Sham Battalions
165. TKEP/L
167.  Turkistan Islamic Party
168. Unified Military Command of Eastern Ghouta
169. United Levant Front (Jabhat al-Sham Muwahidda – جبهة الشام الموحدة):
170.  United Liberation Forces
171. Unity Battalions of Horan Brigade (Liwa’ Tawhid Kata’ib Horan – لواء توحيد كتائب حوران):
172.  Women's Protection Units (YPJ)
173. Yarmouk Army (Jaish al-Yarmouk –  جيش اليرموك):
174. Yarmouk Martyrs Brigade
175. Youth of Sunnah Division (Liwa’ Shabbab ul-Sunnah – فرقة شباب السنة):
176. YPG: YPG and YPJ are the armed forces of the People’s Council of West Kurdistan (MGRK), which is dominated by the Democratic Union Party (PYD). While the PYD wants it to be the armed forces of all Kurdish Supreme Committee, the Kurdish National Council (ENKS) member parties prefer their own parties' militias.