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Vietnam and the America today joint hand together for anti-China over South China Dispute. The US back to Vietnam for Anti China. China alert of the US spy plane over the Chinese control islands.

  • 1950 The Republic of Vietnam's establishment
  • Mid 1950  border tension between the Cambodia's Independence  Vs The Republic of Vietnam
  • 1953 The Cambodia's Independence 
  • 1963 Breaking of diplomatic relation 
  • 1963 Khmer Krom 's movement
  • 1966, USA and South Vietnam bombardment Thlok Trach and on another village, Anlong Trach 
  • 1967 North Vietnam , National Liberation Front (Khmer Rouge) recognition of Cambodian Vs South Vietnam but South Vietnam did rejected. 
  •  1967 King Norodom Sihanouk + National Liberation Front + North Vietnam allowing weapon transportation from China for war with South Vietnam
  • 1970, the Coup. relation between Lon Nol and South Vietnam improved but very little because it was the " lost control" situation.
  • 1975, the North Vietnam's victory over the South Vietnam.
  • 1975-1976, border clash between Khmer Rouge with Vietnam communist
  • 1976 border talk, planned for 'delimitation in some common points"  
  • 1977 border clashed along border
  • 1978 Vietnam undertaken an offensive operation for overthrown Khmer Rouge Regime.
  • 1979 an establishment of People Republic of Kampuchea back by Vietnam
  • 1980 number of signed of agreement of relating to their common border  
  • 1982 an agreement on ‘historic waters’ was signed on 7 July , 1982
  • 1983, Cambodia and Vietnam signed for regard " present line" as boundary line with map dated 1954 or very near 1954
  • 1985 27 December "Treaty on the Delimitation of the Vietnam–Kampuchea Frontier"
  • 1986 30 January Vietnam ratified the treaty 
  • 1986 07 February Cambodia ratified the treaty 
  • 1993 Cambodia National Election for reunion all Cambodian fronts
  • 1994, Cambodia visited Vietnam by addressing two points " border problem and the Vietnamese living in Cambodia" 
  • 1994  Border Tension from May-December, the King Norodom Sihanouk accused Vietnam in moving border pillar into land dispute. 
  • 1994, Cambodia approved Immigration Law but not use by fearing that Vietnam will retaliate to Khmer Ethnic in Vietnam

Cambodia History

Vietnam's History


It planned to illustrate all boundary conflict among ASEAN member because border conflict will run into border war or Weapon's Competition among ASEAN states members.

DAK DAM MAP: Cambodia applying the N. Decree of July 31, 1914 while Vietnam following the MAP dated 1970

ដាក់ ដាង​(មិនមែន ដាក់ ដាំ) ដាក់គឺជាព្រែក។ ដាក់​ដាង គឺព្រែក ដាង ដាក់ ហូត គឺព្រែក ហូត។

The Cambodia and Vietnam agreed sine 2005 for term "boundary indefinite" which not to construct any infrastructure till it is clear mapping.


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